The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF), an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is an online platform which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy. It invites people to share disruptive ideas and stories on a number of topics and attracts a worldwide audience, sparking critical conversations and participation through a combination of live interviews, films, and podcasts.
Infinitive is thrilled to be collaborating with Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) 2018! Through our collaboration, Infinitive will take the disruptive ideas and innovations on circular economy showcased at DIF 2018 to audiences across India. This is aimed at developing a better understanding of Circular Economy from the systems perspective in India, enable a mindset shift towards the Circular Economy and throw open opportunities that can be explored for accelerated transition towards circularity.
As part of the outreach initiatives, we will be reaching out to diverse stakeholder groups including design communities, materials researchers, students, innovation networks and industry leaders to help them engage with the most relevant content from DIF.
Infinitive will also be hosting Regional Workshops on Circular Economy that will showcase DIF content. For more information, write to us @

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